April 2014 Podcast Mixed Live By Dominic Sestito

Many clients and friends over the years have told me to record my sets and put them up for everyone. So I decided the first of the month I will search the billboard 100 find some popular songs (even if I don’t like them) and dig up so kool mixes so you can practice your sweet dance moves.

The Five W’s 4/12/14


                Omar & Jennifer


                Wedding Ceremony & Reception


                Doubletree Hotel in Tinton Falls


                Saturday, April 12, 2014


                Why I loved DJing this Wedding……


Jennifer and Omar were a lot of fun to work with, they were so excited about having good music and getting to dance and party with their friends and family.  From the first dance song to the last they were on the dance floor having the time of their lives… We had a great variety of music also, including Salsa, Merengue, Hip-Hop, Top 40, Commercial House, Crooners, and Disco…

My favorite moment had to be the last song “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore, when they were in the middle of a circle with all of their guests (there were a lot of guests at the end, and an after party at Aqua Bar right after) and they were dancing with everyone in the circle just loving it trying to dance with each and every person before the song was over…

Marshall Moore’s Pick’s March 2014

“Top 10 and Music” lists…
Look for updates to these as well as some other fun music information in
future Newsletters…

Top 10 Current Hits for March 2014:

1.      Dark Horse                 –               Katy Perry
2.      Counting Stars          -               Onerepublic
3.      Timber                        -               Pitbull
4.      Burn                            -               Ellie Goulding
5.      Story Of My Life       –               OneDirection
6       Lorde                          -               Team
7.      Say Something          -               A Great Big World
8.      Let Her Go                 –               Passenger
9.      Pompeii                      -               Bastille
10.     Talk Dirty                  -               Jason Derulo

Top 10 Most Requested Wedding Songs over the last year:

1.      Don’t Stop Believin’         –               Journey
2.      Cupid Shuffle                   –               Cupid
3.      I Gotta Feeling                 –               Black Eyed Peas
4.      Sexy And I Know It         –               Lmfao
5.      Livin’ On A Prayer           –               Bon Jovi
6.     Shook Me All Night Long     –         AC/DC
7.      Brown Eyed Girl              -               Van Morrison
8.      Gangnam Style                -               Psy
9.      Cha Cha Slide                  -               DJ Casper
10.     Sweet Caroline               –               Neil Diamond

New Albums For March:

Imogen Heap                             –               Sparks
Pharrell Williams                      -               G I R L
Ashanti                                        -               BraveHeart
Kylie Minogue                            -               Kiss Me Once
Enrique Iglesias                         –               Sex + Love
Foster the People                       –               Supermodel
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga      -               Cheek to Cheek
Shakira                                         –               Shakira
Azealia Banks                              -               Broke with Expensive Taste
Kid Cudi                                       –               Satellite Flight

wedding wire 2014 award

Weddings, Wedding VenuesElite Entertainment, Best Wedding DJs in Newark - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner

And The Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award Goes To . . .


Or so it seems.

As the new year dawned our Facebook and Twitter feeds became cluttered with virtually every wedding professional we know announcing that they’d won this award.  Which means we either know all the best people, or Wedding Wire has adopted the New Age philosophy that everyone should get a trophy.  In New Jersey alone, a whopping 131 DJs took home the big prize this year.  So yippee for us . . . we’re among the top 131 DJ Companies in the state!

There was actually a time when the Wedding Wire recognition was a little more exclusive.  In fact in 2009, the first year they gave it out (they called it The Bride’s Choice Award back then), less than 20 DJ companies in New Jersey got the award.  Who knows why so many more companies win these days.  The cynic might say that Wedding Wire has found a way to monetize the award so the more winners means the more income . . . but hey, we’re not cynical so we wouldn’t say that.  But whatever the reason, what used to be an annual thrilling phone call (as in “Can you believe we won!”) has now turned into a nerve-racking experience (can you imagine being one of the few who doesn’t win?)

Which begs the question: is Wedding Wire still a viable place for future brides and grooms to go to check out a company’s reputation? Well the ubiquitous awards aside, we still think it is.  In fact, we proudly show you our most current stats (current as of the writing of this blog anyway) because, besides the 6 consecutive Choice Awards we’ve taken home (by our count there are only 11 DJ companies in the state that can make that claim), we think the other numbers are pretty impressive too.  660 reviews is the most of any DJ company in New Jersey.  And a 5.0 average is the highest you can get.

So if you’re looking for a company that does enough work to prove their excellence and reliability and professionalism time and time again, that also has the highest score you can possible achieve, we think you’ve found them.  In fact we think if you start reading our reviews, you’ll notice a trend.  “They took the time to listen.” “Our dance floor was filled all night.” “The “flow” of the night was seamless.” “Easy to work with.”  “They did everything we asked them to.” These are the types of comments that thrill us.

Almost every DJ can throw a fun party.  But to work closely with the bride and groom, to listen to them and understand their vision and then work hard to make that dream a reality . . . that takes a special kind of DJ.  An “Elite” DJ if you will.


Marshal Moore’s February 2014 Playlist


Kicking off the New Year with some “Top 10 and Music” lists…….

Look for updates to these as well as some other fun music information in future Newsletters…..

Top 10 Current Hits for February 2014:

1.            Timber  - Pitbull

2.            Counting Stars  - Onerepublic

3.            Burn - Ellie Goulding

4 .           Demons - Imagine Dragons

5.            Do What U Want - Lady Gaga

6.            Stay The Night - Zedd

7.            Story Of My Life - One Direction

8.            Let Her Go - Passenger

9.            Dark Horse - Katy Perry

10 .         Wake Me Up - Avicii

Top 10 Most Requested Wedding Songs over the last year:

1.            Don’t Stop Believin’ - Journey

2.            Cupid Shuffle - Cupid

3.            I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

4.            Sexy And I Know It - Lmfao

5.            Livin’ On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

6.            You Shook Me All Night Long -  AC/DC

7.            Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

8.            Gangnam Style - Psy

9.            Cha Cha Slide  - DJ Casper

10.          Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

Grammy Winners 2014:

Album Of The Year:    Random Access Memories     Daft Punk

Record Of The Year:   Get Lucky    Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams

Song Of The Year:      Royals    Lorde

New Artist:               Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Pop Vocal Album:      Bruno Mars    Unorthodox Jukebox

Dance Recording:     Clarity    Zedd Featuring Foxes

Urban Contemporary Album:    Unapologetic   Rihanna

January 2014 Podcast by Dominic Sestito

Jessica and Bobby, Ramada, Carrie Roberts

I had been booked on Jessica and Bobby’s wedding for about a year.  I finally got to meet them at her best friend Brittany’s wedding about 2 months before their wedding.  Jessica and Bobby made a bee line toward me as soon as I got to the reception!  They expressed how excited they were that I would be photographing their wedding!  After meeting them in person and watching the two of them get down on the dance floor all night, I was BEYOND excited to photograph their wedding!!  About 4 weeks before their wedding they came in and met with Dominic and myself to go over all the wedding day details.  They were just so cool and easy to talk to I knew every minute of their wedding was going to be a blast!  During the review Jessica said she had been on Pintrest and had some pictures she wanted me to take.  She emailed them over to me the following week and I printed them out and added them to my other list of pictures that they had requested.


I arrived at the Ramada Inn walked into the special room the Ramada supplied for them to get ready in
and was greeted by all the bridesmaids, Jessica’s mom and Jessica.  I immediately pulled out my list of pictures and got to work!  I photographed every single detail that she had in the room!  She had everything ready for me shoes, invitation, ring, flowers, ring bearer pillow etc….  After I was done photographing all the details Jessica got dressed.  It was a great private moment because she didn’t want any of her bridesmaids to see her dress before hand so just her sister and mother were in the room.  After she was dressed I had her hide and lined up all the bridesmaids for a “First Look”.  Their reaction was priceless!  Lots of screams, tears and laughter.  Then it was time to have her dad come in and see her…..Again lots of tears and laughter.


We arrived at Georgian Court Chapel and as I watched Jessica walk down the aisle through my lens to Bobby I couldn’t help by choke up a little myself.  He was crying and Jessica’s dad was crying.  I’m sorry but every time a man cries it gets me every time!   After the ceremony we did some family portraits inside the chapel and then some outside.  We sent the wedding guest on their way and it was time for Bridal Party formals!


We took all the pictures right on the campus which was perfect!  Cyndi and I had so much fun with them!  Their bridal party was up for anything which to me is a dream come true!  We had them do so many different poses some formal but mostly just fun pictures that shows off the type of friendships that they do have.   After we were finished with the Bridal Party they all went to wait in the bus while we photographed just Jessica and Bobby alone.  Jessica was dipped, they danced, kissed, laughed and stared into each others eyes lovingly.  The best part about this photo session was it was not forced.  Everything just happened naturally….. Except maybe that shoe shot…..Let’s just say it was an abnormal position they had to be in for it and they dove into it!   Jessica and Bobby are the epitome of my perfect Bride and Groom to photograph.


With all the “formal” pictures done we headed to the Ramada for the reception.  Dominic Sestito was the dj so I already knew a night of laughs and a packed dance floor was in the near future.  Jessica and Bobby had the Plasma Screens in their package which meant I had to get to work!  When the DJ has the plasmas I like to get a slideshow ready for the couple from the pictures from the day.  When they sit down to eat dinner and BAM their wedding photos are playing it’s a huge hit every time!!


After cocktail hour Jessica and Bobby made their grand entrance and were having their slow dance when bam music stops change over into a fast song and there is Jessica and Bobby rocking out one of the best Choreographed dances ever!  Well that set the tone for the evening the dancing didn’t stop all night!  Even the Maid of Honor rapped her speech!


The reception flew by and before I knew it they were cutting cake and doing their last dance.   I always get a little sad at the end of my couples weddings because I know just around the corner my time with them will end.   All that planning with them before, emails back and forth, texting, Facebook messages, phone calls… Over.    That is until album planning and thank you cards….. But that is for another article;)



Elite celebrates with Big Brothers Big Sisters

For the 5th straight year, we had the privilege of DJing at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Holiday Party.  This is always a fun event as the kids love to get involved dancing and also playing games. There’s also always a special visit from Santa Claus who hands out some gifts to the children in attendance. This year our very own Chuck Crerand got to MC and DJ. Despite a little snow coming down almost everyone showed up and a good time was had by all.

After the event, Pervin Nurhan, Agency Support Specialist for BBBS, saidOur Holiday Party was a big success! Thank you so much for your help and your continued generosity and support of our agency. We are so glad to be able to partner with you to help the children in our community…Thanks to you, we were able to hold another event to help the Littles in our program enjoy the holidays. The kids had a blast, as always!”

Our involvement with BBBS goes back a long way.  Mike Walter‘s wife, Kelly, has volunteered as a “big” for many years now as did Davide Fuoco. Also, we regularly provide DJs for some of BBBS’ special events throughout the year. It’s a very worthy charity and we’re proud of our involvement with them and the children they work with in our communities.











The Five W’s 11/2-11/3


            Spotswood Class of 2003


            10 year High School Reunion


            Mariott, Princeton, NJ


            Saturday, November 2, 2013


            Why I loved this DJing Reunion……

Reunions are always a fun time, and the Spotswood Class of 2003 did not disappoint.  Elizabeth B., who organized the reunion was a pleasure to work with, she had a good feel for what her classmates would like to hear and was excited to get them dancing and partying.  After Cocktail Hour was over the group started dancing and didn’t stop the whole night, we spanned the years musically from mid-late 90’s all the way to current radio and club hits.  We could have easily kept this party going way into the early hours…. Congratulations to Elizabeth and the entire Spotswood Class of 2003.




            Danielle & Broderick


            Wedding Cocktail Hour & Reception


            The Shadowbrook, Shrewsbury, NJ


            Sunday, November 3, 2013


            Why I loved this DJing wedding……


-          Danielle wanted “A Jersey Fist Pumping Wedding”… AWESOME!

-          I was able to meet with them for their wedding at my favorite NYC Restaurant Burger & Barrel (which by the way is where I Bartend sometimes also)… Needless to say we had a great meeting over food and drinks

-          They both wanted a lot of new Dance music….

-          The crowd was up and dancing from the first song to the last….

-          Brody’s Best Man and Older Brother Joseph’s Toast….

-          The dance battle that started before dinner…… classic…..

-          There were two fellow Scholastic employees (guests) there who happen to sit one floor above me… (New Happy Hour buddies!!!)

-          Brody & Danielle are N.Y. residents like myself…..

Dominic’s November 2013 Podcast

Many clients and friends over the years have told me to record my sets and put them up for everyone. So I decided the first of the month I will search the billboard 100 find some popular songs (even if I don’t like them) and dig up so kool mixes so you can practice your sweet dance moves. Here is the very first installment enjoy and please feel free to download it!


Paradise by the Primavera Regency

Last Friday, myself, along with the help of Craig Haberstroh, and Joe from Elite Video had the pleasure of entertaining and capturing every moment of Steve and Ashley Hudak’s wedding reception at the Primavera Regency! In meeting with this particular Bride and Groom, there was an instant connection on how they wanted me to run this party, from helping them choose there first song as husband and wife (This Year’s Love, David Grey) or selecting songs for the single Gentlemen to catch the garter (NFL On Fox Football Theme) Ashley, Steve and I worked together very closely to ensure that their Wedding day was not one to soon be forgotten. Two of the highlights of the evening were at the beginning and end of the night. When I met with the soon to be betrothed, they said “We want to do something cool and unique with our bridal party after our first dance, to get the party going!” Upon looking through their list of requested songs, the first song that jumped out at me was The Cupid Shuffle. I suggested a “Flash Mob” of the Cupid shuffle, and it worked like a charm! Everyone was hooting and hollering, as Ashley, Steve and their bridal party rocked out to an awesome song! It really set the tempo for what turned out to be a wild party! But the fun didn’t stop there.The second highlight of the night, and the inspiration for the title of this blog occurred during another request of theirs, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light“. This is easily one of my favorite songs to play, especially when a Bride and Groom handle it the way they did! With Ashley and her bridesmaids belting out “I gotta know right now! Will you love me forever….” Steve and his groomsmen were right on point letting the ladies know that they would “sleep on it” and give them an “answer in the morning!” It was great to see this large group of friends go back and forth, only to be united with hugs, kisses, high fives and chest bumps! It was our pleasure at both Elite Entertainment and Elite Video to party with Ashley and Steve, and we wish them the best in their future endeavors as husband and wife! We hope that while their wedding day was “Long ago, and it was far away” that the memories are just as good today as they were then!

"Paradise" by the Primavera Regency!!

“Paradise” by the Primavera Regency!!Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.21.28 AM



Rich and Elsa Celebrate their Wedding Overlooking New York City

Being a New Yorker, I just love any of the banquet halls that line the Hudson River and provide a great view of Manhattan.  When I got married earlier this year Kelly and I chose Maritime Parc for just that reason.  I’ve also played at The Liberty House and The Chart House and enjoyed similar views.  So as I was preparing for Rich and Elsa’s wedding I realized I had never played before at their location: Waterside in North Bergen.  One look at their website and I knew I’d be in for a similar treat.

I enjoyed my initial planning session with Rich and Elsa.  They are a great couple, lots of fun and easy to talk to and  I loved the vision they had for their reception:  they wanted a fun party that included ALL of their guests, young and old.  They’d even asked their guests prior to the wedding to submit requests so I had some songs to play that Rich and Elsa wanted and others that their family and friends requested.  Plus Elsa’s mom (and a number of the guests as well) loves ballroom dance so they gave me a few Waltz’ and Cha Chas.  My playlist was full that night!

Another unique request came from Rich and it was for their grand introduction.  Rich loves Game of Thrones and he also plays a video game called Final Fantasy.  He asked if, when I introduced them, I could play the Game of Thrones theme and then as they entered the room play the Final Fantasy VI theme.  I was raised on the mantra “never say No to a client” so of course I said “Sure!” And, we pulled it off.  The introduction went very smoothly and I was thrilled when Rich mentioned it in his Wedding Wire review.

One of my favorite moments of the night came late in the party.  Elsa had changed dresses into her traditional red wedding dress and a guest asked me if I could have everyone face the DJ table so we could get a picture.  I said “Sure.  Who’s going to take the picture?” (the photographers had left by this point) and this guest handed me her phone and said, “you are!”   I did exactly that and the shot came out very well.  Then when I gave her back her phone I also handed her my business card and asked if she’d email the picture to me. She said she would.  I was so curious wondering whether she would or not that I even created a little poll on Facebook when I got home that night, telling this story and asking if she’d email it or not.  It was about 50/50 with some people saying Yes and others saying Probably not.  Well, I was thrilled the next morning when I woke up and found this in my email:

Rich and Elsa celebrate their Wedding!

Thanks Susan for sending the picture and reminding me why I give people the benefit of the doubt all the time!

Anyway here’s the awesome review Rich and Elsa wrote about me for Wedding Wire.  I wish this amazing couple nothing but the best in their new lives together as husband and wife.

Rich and Elsas Wedding Wire Review

A Perfect & Beautiful Day…

I had the pleasure to DJ Katie and Christine’s wedding.  It was such a beautiful day for their ceremony on the beach in Asbury Park.  We had our sound system with music and microphone all ready to go. All the chairs were set up facing the ocean. Guests started to arrive and a crowd started to build up on the boardwalk waiting to see the brides walk down to the beach.  Katie walked down first and waited for her beautiful bride to follow. As Christine walked down the guests and crowd started cheering.  The ceremony was underway and all went perfect.
It was time for the reception which was right across from where the ceremony was at a place called McLoone’s Supper Club.  Wow what a cool place and amazing location on the ocean in Asbury. The staff did such a great job for Katie and Christine for their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. The people that work there are awesome.
We also had the pleasure to work with one of the best in the business and all around great guy Scotty “Mac” Maguire from Janet Studios who captured all the moments.
It was party time for Katie and Christine and what a blast it was. Everyone danced from start to finish with a big mix of music with genres like old school hiphop,country,90′s dance and some oldies.  Katie and Christine had a flash mob with their wedding party as a surprise to there guests after the cake cutting and that went great.  As soon as I played their song, Footloose, they went to the dance floor and did there thing. Such a good job as there guests laughed and really got into it.  Overall another perfect and successful wedding I was able to be a part of. Thanks Christine and Katie for letting me be a part of your special day and also for the great WeddingWire review.
Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.08.32 PM

EDM Wedding

When I met with Amanda and Eugene they told me we wanted to feel like we were at a club at our wedding. That was music to my ears because at that point
I knew that they wanted to party. We worked at St. Clements banquet hall in Matawan which is always a great place to work. After Introductions we played about an hour of oldies and some 80′s music and then basically played dance music till the end as per Eugene and Amanda’s request.  The groom loves EDM Music which stands for Electronic Dance Music. With artists like Ingrosso, Zedd, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren the dance floor was packed all night long. We dropped some early 2000 jams as well like Final Chapter and Insomnia.  Our whole team was there from Elite Digital Images, Elite Photo Booths and Elite Video Productions which got some some great footage and can’t wait to post it for all to see.
A week later we received a great wedding wire review from Amanda and Eugene.  This is my favorite line: If you are looking for a DJ who is great with mixing techno songs and house music, Tom is your guy!  
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.36.16 AM

Derrick & Lauren – June 1, 2013

So I packed the car with all my sound gear, picked up my dry cleaning, gassed up the car, picked up my co-pilot/assistant Marissa (Dj extraordinaire) and began our trip to Hamden CT for what would end up being an awe inspiring evening of love, laughter, a super amazing couple that I can now call friends, and of course a packed dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG!

Derrick & Lauren Wood were my focus for June 1, 2013. Their wedding was at a beautiful venue called Cascade. The staff was so friendly and inviting. Rosa & Alexi were just so fantastic to work with. They made sure we had anything we needed and were so very flexible with our agenda. I’m a Jersey Dj, born and raised at the jersey shore; nobody does weddings like we do in Jersey lol. So needless to say, the Cascade for this particular evening was going to operate like a Jersey wedding, and they were very accommodating. You see, Lauren had seen me a few years before at another wedding, her brother Adams which was here at the shore. I guess I did a great job because she took my card and told me that evening that I would one day be her Dj for her wedding. Well the day finally arrived and I couldn’t be more flattered and honored to be back with her entire family along with Derrick’s for their wedding day!

And so the night began with Lauren and all her beautiful bridesmaids busting into the ballroom greeting me with tons of excitement! She is a blast to be around and I’m sure she is truly the life of any party. Derrick too, just an awesome guy! They both complement each other so well and you could instantly see the chemistry between them. I did not meet them directly during the planning process so this was my first time meeting Derrick in person. We met online 3 weeks prior on BrideLive which is our online office that allows us to meet with our couples face to face. This adds tons of convenience and is a great time saver! Back to the party, their guests made their way into the ballroom after cocktail hour and both Marissa and I could see instantly that this was going to be an awesome evening! Guests dancing to their seats is usually a good indicator of a jammer in the making lol and boy was it ever! Introductions began with a bang as we introduced all the parents, then the Bridal Party stormed in with T.I’s “Bring Em Out”, and finally Derrick & Lauren psyched everyone out by sneaking in from the upstairs balcony and coming down the oval staircase to JayZ’s “We Run This Town”. All the family and friends showered them with applause as their first dance to Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” began.

We could not have asked for a more energetic and dance crazed crowd. The dance floor was packed from the beginning to the end of the night! Lauren was literally all over the room, talking, dancing, getting lifted up by all her friends, and it was just awesome to see both my bride & groom tearing up the dance floor! I was also able to add some LIVE music during dinner. I must say I wasn’t sure if my signature NY State of Mind would go over well in CT. Well, I was shocked to see half the room stand up in applause. I was totally flattered of course. It felt so good to know, as Lauren put it, she imported me over state lines to throw an unforgettable wedding evening for her and her new husband. I’m pretty sure Marissa and I made that happen. Mission Accomplished.



Anna & Brian 4/28/13 – A Magical Night…

I am very happy every time I see that I will be working at The Palace in Somerset, my favorite place to work. Anna and Brian had a cool idea for introductions. It was a movie theme so the parents came out to the Star Wars theme, Wedding Party came out to the Indiana Jones theme, and then Anna and Brian came down the beautiful staircase to 2001 Space odyssey theme song. As soon as they hit the dance floor they wanted us to play Thunderstruck by ACDC as they walked through the arch.
Anna and Brian had Elite Video Productions to capture all the great moments and also had a PhotoBooth by Elite which is always a big hit. Fun party and great people. Anna picked out every song and her music list was perfect.  We started with a traditional Italian dance set and that broke the ice and set the party up for the rest of the night.  Another amazing night. Anna and Brian posted a very nice review on WeddingWire a week later saying that I provided her with a magical night.   Another big reason why I love this job.
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.56.21 AM

Kate & Mike 4/27/13 – “DJ’s Of The Year!”

Myself and Craig had an amazing time with this group. The wedding was at a place called The Stateroom in Ship Bottom which is a very cool place in LBI.
Cool vibe and the staff was great.  The staff at The Stateroom and the bride and groom, Kate and Mike, wanted to have all the courses and dinner out and done before we even opened up the dance floor which means we had a full 2 hours to dance straight through till the end. So we hit them with everything we had and wow did they dance! Not one slow song (bride and grooms request) and 99 percent of Kate and Mike’s guests were on the dance floor.  At one point we played Party Rock Anthem, Sexy and I Know It, Gangnam Style and then the Harlem Shake (all which were Kate’s requests) all in a row and the people lost their minds. The sweat that came off the guests dancing was pretty funny.
At the end of the night we handed out a ton of cards and the staff at the State Room took a bunch of cards too. It felt great when the staff said that was the best time we ever had working at a wedding. One waiter came up to us and said “wow, best DJ’s of the year!!”   About a week later Katie and Mike posted an awesome review on us on WeddingWire.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Normally my blogs are on the great weddings that I’ve had the absolute honor and privilege of entertaining at, but in this case, I’ve decided to expand a little further onto the spectrum of celebrations, to a 25th wedding anniversary. On Saturday, April 27th, I was able to help Jamie Okozko surprise her parents, Joanne and Lester, at the Galloping Hill Caterer’s Club, in Union. I had previously entertained at their friend’s 25th wedding anniversary back in September, and was looking forward to matching the high level of success from that party. I thought this would be a tall order, but because of the wide range of music requested, I catered to the “Different Strokes for Different Folks”, and this group was absolutely amazing. Jamie originally gave me a list of Top 40, Classic Rock, Oldies and Country. I was instructed to play country during dinner, and stick to the rest of the playlist the rest of the night. Let me say, Jamie knew what she was talking about when she said this. People were clapping to the beat as they rocked out to songs like “Toes” and “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band as they enjoyed their meal. But once dinner was done, we got the party rolling hitting Classic Rock and Top 40 songs like “Shook Me All Night Long” by ACDC and “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. After a short break in the action, the Swing and Lindy crowd made there presence known with classic hits like “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller Band. Not to be outdone, the Motown fans wanted some of the classics, like “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor and “We are Family” by Sister Sledge. I can go on and on with various requests that ran the musical gamut from hip hop, to big band and electronic dance music, but words truly cannot do the guests at this party justice. Everyone walked away satisfied and with a smile on their faces, and it was my pleasure to oblige. Behind all of this was the love shown between these two people who have found 25 years of marriage, and will undoubtedly find another 25 just as wonderful! Congratulations to Lester and Joanne Okozko!

4/19/13 – Keep the place standing!

I worked Kim and Scotts wedding at McLoone’s Pier House in Long Branch and Mike Walter, my “boss”, worked there the next day. The Thursday before he told me to keep the place standing so I did the best I could.  We had such a blast partying with Kim and Scott. There is nothing better than working a wedding when it’s your referral because everybody knows what to expect… a slammin party from me (haha).  Everyone danced from start to finish. Instead of the traditional sit down dinner, Kim and Scott wanted McLoone’s to set up cocktail stations around the room to keep open all night. This way people can eat when they want and dance when they want. No sitting down. We kept it upbeat most of the time with only a couple slow songs. The music Kim and Scott wanted was great. They loved the 80′s sing a long stuff and wanted a ton of old school club and hip hop. A bunch of people came up to us at the end of the night to grab business cards from us, so I hope to party with this group again soon.  So, Mike Walter, I think I kept the place standing for ya.