8 Reasons to Throw a Party for Your Staff

1172stewart081812Ok I realize the premise of this blog is pretty self-serving:  a DJ company explaining why it’s good to throw a staff party . . . that’s like a personal trainer explaining why it’s important to work out.  Yet, as we all know, it IS important to work out.  So just because the message is coming from someone who could possibly benefit from that message, doesn’t take away from the truth in that message.

So with that out of the way, here we go:  8 Reasons to Throw a Party for Your Staff!  Whether you’re thinking of a Holiday Party, End of the Year Celebration or a New Year Kickoff, we believe the benefits of hosting a party are well worth the cost and time to plan it.  We’ve seen it time and again with companies or groups whose annual events we’ve DJed for years (some for decades!)

1 – The Staff That Parties Together Stays Together.  You work side by side all year long and you’ve socialized a little outside of work too.  But nothing breaks down the barriers we put up at work like busting loose on the dance floor.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see which of your staff members can “cut a rug” and just the act of dancing and having a great time will bring them together like nothing else.

2 – Give Them Something to Talk About.  The workday after a staff party is always a riot, as everyone recaps the event and gets a great laugh out of reliving an awesome night.  This is the best kind of bonding any HR manager can hope for.

3 – Nothing Says “The Company Is Strong” Like a Celebration.  If you want to instill a sense of confidence in your staff, a feeling that they are working for a great company and the future looks bright, you can do it with quarterly reports or sales meetings, OR you can host a party.  The first way might show them the facts; the second way proves it to them.

4 – Acknowledge Your Leaders Publicly.  If you’ve got awards to give out or milestones to recognize – the very best way to do that is at a staff party.  It’s one thing to win “Sales Person of the Year” and be notified in the boss’ office.  It’s another to be handed the award at a party with your name announced and great music playing while you walk up to accept your plaque.  If you want to make your leaders feel great, give out their awards at a staff party!

5 – A Photo Booth Captures Great Memories.  Photo Booths are all the rage these days.  With good reason.  They are fun, interactive and capture pictures that will last forever.  If you’re throwing a staff party, and the budget allows for it, include a Photo Booth.   Everyone will get  their own strip of photos and at the end of the night YOU’LL get the digital copies of all those pictures.

6 – It Doesn’t Have to Be Over the Top.  We DJ at all types of staff parties.  Some are formal galas with a seated dinner and open bar while other others are less formal with a buffet and cash bar.  They all leave great impressions with the employees and can be fun and motivational.  So whatever the budget, a party is still a party!

7 – Call It Whatever You Want.  Years ago a staff party in December was called a “Christmas Party.”  When the PC police moved in we saw an evolution of that term to “Holiday Party.”  We’ve also seen variations on that like, “Winter Gala” or “Year End Celebration” or (in January) “Kick Off Party.”  We say, whatever you want to call it, a party is still a party.EFKNIDCJLK4OYC2CC51Q0BKMYJ5UNK3DSTSNXTVE3XYBETNP

8 – There’s No Better Way to Say Thank You.  Your staff works hard all year.  They go above and beyond and now you want to thank them.  Sure a bonus is nice, but it doesn’t do anything to bring the team together.  A staff party does.  A staff party is the perfect way to say Thanks AND have a bonding moment.

So there you have it.  And if I’ve convinced you, I hope you’ll consider an Elite Entertainer to help you throw that great party.  All of our DJs have great music, can MC and lead the party and will make sure everyone has a great time.  We’ve got years of experience and scores of companies that use us every year because they know they’ll get a great celebration.  Plus if you want any add-ons like a photo booth, cool lighting or plasma screens to show a year end re-cap video, we’ve got them all.  Just give us a call or drop us an email for pricing and available.

Marshall’s Picks October 2014

Top 10 Radio Hits for October:

1.            Jeremih feat. YG                                              -              Don’t Tell Em

2.            Nicki Minaj                                                          -              Anaconda

3.            Bobby Shmurda                                                -              Hot Boy

4.            Drake                                                                    -              0 To 100

5.            Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora                              -              Black Widow

6.            Rae Sremmurd                                                  -              No Flex Zone

7.            Meghan Trainor                                                -              All About That Bass

8.            Enrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul                 -              Bailando

9.            T.I. feat. Iggy Azalea                                       -              No Mediocre

10.          Taylor Swift                                                        -              Shake It Off




One of the best Movie Soundtracks of 2014 so far……

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


1.            Hooked on a Feeling                                       -              Blue Swede

2.            Go All the Way                                                  -              Raspberries

3.            Spirit in the Sky                                                 -              Norman Greenbaum

4.            Moonage Daydream                                      -              David Bowie

5.            Fooled Around and Fell in Love                  -              Elvin Bishop

6.            I’m Not in Love                                                  -              10cc

7.            I Want You Back                                                -              The Jackson 5

8.            Come and Get Your Love                              -              Redbone

9.            Cherry Bomb                                                     -              The Runaways

10.          Escape (The Piña Colada Song)                   -              Rupert Holmes

11.          O-o-h Child                                                         -              Five Stairsteps

12.          Ain’t No Mountain High Enough                -              Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell


Nick & Nicky – 9-13-14 – Crystal Ballroom – Elite DJ Dominic Sestito

I make a joke during our bridal shows about men not understanding how or why brides plan so far ahead in advance. Well Nicky is a perfect example of that, she booked our services 17 months in advance. I can only guess she booked the Crystal Ballroom 2 years in advance, and the reason why… She got exactly what she wanted on her wedding day, and her Facebook post the next day proves it.

The playlist was extensive and ranged from “We Are Family” to “Hypnotize” to “Rather Be“. We had everyone up and partyin’ from start to finish, and that was the important part for this bride and groom. They really wanted their guest up dancing and enjoying affair. We even had Nicky behind the board rapping to “Ice Ice Baby“, the video of that is soon to follow!
I love working with clients that appreciate the services their professionals provide, it so gratifying and the reason I love my job. Nick and Nicky were in great hands with Elite handling DJ, Video, and Photo booth. They actually attended one of our Private Showcase’s to choose their package and professionals. The great images provided by Jessica Morrisy Photography and of course the great job done by the staff at the Crystal Ballroom.

The Elite Triple Threat – DJ, Photo, & Video

Kristina and Christopher chose one of our favorite places to be as the location for their ceremony and reception. Lucky for them the Crystal Point also offers beautiful places for photos as well!  They had a full Elite team on hand that day with Nicole and I taking care of the photography, Chris on video, Tom and Thomas handling the DJ end and John took care of the plasmas.  The only casualty of the day was my fisheye lens that took a dive off of the dock while we were taking photos (yes, I see the irony there).  All in all it was a super fun day that ended with some awesome sparkler photos! Congratulations, Kristina and Christopher!!!

Marshall’s Pick’s for September 2014

Top 15 Current Hits for September 2014:

1.      Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX            -       Fancy
2.      Jeremih feat. YG                        -       Don’t Tell Em
3.      Tinashe feat. Schoolboy Q               -       2 On
4.      Disclosure feat. Sam Smith              -       Latch
5.      Wiz Khalifa                             -       We Dem Boyz
6.      Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea -        Problem
7.      Nico & Vinz                             -       Am I Wrong
8.      Magic!                                  -       Rude
9.      Rae Sremmurd                            -       No Flex Zone
10.     Lil Wayne feat. Drake                   -       Believe Me

2014 MTV Music Awards Nominees (Held August 24th):

Video of the Year:
1.      Beyonce feat. Jay Z                     -       Drunk In Love
2.      Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX            -       Fancy
3.      Miley Cyrus                             -       Wrecking Ball
4.      Pharrell Williams                       -       Happy
5.      Sia                                     -       Chandelier

Best Male Video
1.      Eminem (featuring Rihanna)              -       The Monster
2.      John Legend                             -       All of Me
3.      Ed Sheeran (feat. Pharrell Williams)    -       Sing
4.      Sam Smith                               -       Stay with Me
5.      Pharrell Williams                       -       Happy

Best Female Video
1.      Iggy Azalea (featuring Charli XCX)      -       Fancy
2.      Beyoncé                                 -       Partition
3.      Ariana Grande (featuring Iggy Azalea)   -       Problem
4.      Lorde                                   -       Royals
5.      Katy Perry (featuring Juicy J)          -       Dark Horse

Kristina & Chris had an Elite Wedding by Lynn Monaco


Kristina and Christopher chose one of our favorite places to be as the location for their ceremony and reception. Lucky for them the Crystal Point also offers beautiful places for photos as well!  They had a full Elite team on hand that day with Nicole and I taking care of the photography, Chris on video, Tom and Thomas handling the DJ end and John took care of the plasmas.  The only casualty of the day was my fisheye lens that took a dive off of the dock while we were taking photos (yes, I see the irony there).  All in all it was a super fun day that ended with some awesome sparkler photos! Congratulations, Kristina and Christopher!!!


See the Facebook Album Here!

Marshall’s Picks August 2014

Top 15 Current Hits for August 2014:

1.      Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX – Fancy
2.      Calvin Harris  -   Summer
3.      Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne  - Loyal
4.      Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea – Problem
5.      Jason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg – Wiggle
6.      Disclosure feat. Sam Smith – Latch
7.      Tinashe feat. Schoolboy Q – 2 On
8.      Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong
9.      Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz
10.     Drake – 0 To 100
11.     Usher – Good Kisser
12.     Magic! – Rude
13.     Jeremiah feat. YG – Don’t Tell Em
14.     Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown  - Main Chick
15.     Lil Jon feat. Tyga – Bend Ova

Top 10 Most Requested Wedding Songs over the last year:

1.      Journey   –   Don’t Stop Believin’
2.      Cupid  - Cupid Shuffle
3.      Black Eyed Peas  -  I Gotta Feeling
4.      Bon Jovi  -  Livin’ On A Prayer
5.      AC/DC  - You Shook Me All Night Long
6.      Lmfao – Sexy And I Know It
7.      Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
8.      DJ Casper –  Cha Cha Slide
9.      V.I.C. – Wobble
10.     B-52′s – Love Shack

Save the date! Now what? Part 2

Congrats, you have your date and venue.  Now where do you go from here?  That is entirely up to you and your future spouse.  Below are some of my wedding planning experiences.

Vendors- You may want to book vendors within a certain time frame.  The wedding business is planned months, sometimes years in advanced.  If you really like a certain vendor’s services, you will want to make sure that your date is available. Take it or leave it tip- Go to bridal shows.  They will most likely have free food, deals, and raffles.  Did I mention free food?!  Bridal shows will allow you to see multiple types of vendors all in one night, which helps if your schedule is busy.

Make it your day- My wife and I went by a philosophy of what we thought made a good celebration.  Good food, good music/entertainment.  That’s it.  Why? We felt that’s what most people talk about when describing a friend or family member’s wedding reception.  People remember what stands out the most to them throughout the night, and if alcohol is involved, it may not be much.  We were a little crafty but it wasn’t our priority.  Again plan your vision of your wedding and have it your own way.

And when the day comes…

Enjoy it- People will and have probably told you by now that the day goes by so fast.  They aren’t lying, before you know it, it’s time to say goodnight and it’s all over.  All that planning, budgeting and scheduling and booking vendors, crafting decorations finally has come to an end.  It may seem over the top at times, but it is all worth celebrating a new chapter in your lives together.

Take it or Leave it tip- Grab your spouse at some point of the night and pull them to the side and take it all in; one place where both sides of your family and friends have gathered to celebrate your marriage, it’s quite a sight.  Good luck to you and may you have an incredible day of celebration towards everlasting love and happiness.


We’re engaged! Now what?

283080_627624987988_1776831528_nI proposed to my wife in September of 2012.  It was one of the best days of my life.  After all of the congratulations received, there comes a point where the planning for this joyous occasion must begin.  Below are some of my experiences throughout this incredible journey:

  • Take your time- Unless you are in a rush to get married, enjoy your new title as a fiancé.  It’s your day (and of course your future spouses). In the beginning, middle, or final stages of planning, take time to have fun and enjoy one another.  I bet you have been asked multiple times about when or where it will be.  How should you know? You just put the ring on her finger and finished posting about it via social media.  Then again, chances are you may have an idea of a date or month or day in mind.  Start planning when you are both ready.

Take it or leave it tip- Stay involved.  I found discussing our wedding turned out to be very beneficial.  I’ll admit I wasn’t fond of picking out flowers or figuring out invitation fonts, but I was there for it and it was a decision we made together.


  • Organization- My wife is the most organized person I know.  She had a binder that held our budget info, our contributions towards deposits or fees from vendors, a calendar of when things were due, and when things needed to be scheduled by.  I’ll admit I gave her a hard time about it and joked how silly it was, but it was extremely helpful and for that I am grateful she did it because it made the process smoother. Take it or leave it tip- Plan comfortably; it helps build communication with your future spouse.


  • Budget. Figure out what your financial situation will be.  What you can and cannot afford (Thank you, binder!).  Do you want it or do you need it? Take it or leave it tip: I went out and bought a change counting jar.   Together, just over a year we saved around $500 based just off loose change.  We saved it for the final week.  You will find tedious things are needed, such as paying the limo’s overtime, if necessary, pre-party lunch with your groomsmen or bridesmaids.  It’s some extra cash lying around for a “just in case” moment.


  • Venue.  This is a big decision.  Where and when will your big celebration be?  This was a big weight off our shoulders.  You plan the spot and then everything else will mostly build around it.

Take it or leave it tip #1- Make an estimated head count of how many guests may attend.  Some venues can only carry so many people, so it may help with some decisions.

Take it or leave it tip #2- For venue AND vendor appointments, write down questions you may have.  Along with that binder, my wife also carried around a black marble notebook filled with all kinds of questions.  Did I think it was over the top? At the moment yes, I gave her heat for having it, but again, it was extremely helpful to answer any questions we were bound to forget but remember after the appointment

Take it or leave it tip #3- At this point have an idea of what day of the week, month, and year in which you want to be married in.  Can’t decide? Have your fiancé write three potential months and you do the same, and then reveal them to each other.  You’ll find yourself asking each other why those months were chosen, perhaps picking the same month or season at least.


Plan at your own speed, and have fun.  After all, you’re planning for one of the biggest celebrations of your life.


To be continued…


A BIG Celebration

There’s no doubt that a wedding celebration is one of the most joyous occasions in two peoples lives, but there’s also little doubt that with the celebration comes some busy days and nights. My hat goes off to Jessica Perlman for planning her wedding with now husband, Steve Breese who recently celebrated their reception at Doolan’s Shore Club. Jessica manages a restaurant and was logging upwards of 60 hours a week! Somehow in her busy schedule she, Steve and I met to discuss the planning of their wedding. From soup to nuts, we customized every last bit of their wedding day! We worked closely together on planning the songs for their ceremony, introductions, cake cutting, throwing the bouquet and even a “Through the Years” dance to find that relatives of theirs were married for 63 wonderful years! While working with Rob Haberman who not only acted as my assistant, but also videographer, capturing all of these special moments, he and I made an observation that proved untrue. More often than not when you see someone who is upwards of 6 feet 5 inches tall, you’d be hard pressed to guess that they aren’t as big on dancing as they are on a growth chart. I could not have been more wrong. Along with a groomsmen from the Bridal party, these two men were on the dance floor non stop! They had some serious moves and even inspired the photographers at the Reception to put down their camera’s for a moment to frolic, slide, and even bust out the worm on the dance floor! Steve and Jessica were so generous with their compliments even after this big celebration was over! Congratulations to Jessica and Steve Breese! Enjoy your honeymoon in Aruba! Shalom!

Flattering email -2

Marshall’s Five W’s

Cheer Dream CaresWho:

                Cheer Dream Scoliosis Foundation




                VFW – Veterans of Foreign Wars – Sayreville


                Saturday, May 31, 2014


                Why I loved DJing this Event……

I was very impressed by Lucia, Emilie, Clarissa, and the Board of Cheer Dream.  They really are putting smiles on the faces of kids who have Scoliosis and helping the parents as well.  They go to hospitals and visit and give care packages to children who have the medical condition as well as support parents and families.  This particular fundraiser gave a $1000 Scholarship to dance school where one of the students has Scoliosis, as well as a $500 Scholarship to a student also with Scoliosis in a different school.  The Old Bridge School of Dance, the winners of the 2013 Scholarship performed various numbers for the guests, which was a lot of fun to watch.  The videos and pictures and families who were there really showed how important and helpful their foundation is.  I was pleased and touched to be a part of it, and look forward to working with them again.

Some information on the foundation can be found here:


Marshall’s Picks June 2014

Top 10 Current Hits for June 2014:

1.            Turn Down For What                      -                              Lil Jon & DJ Snake

2.            Talk Dirty                                             –                              Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz

3.            Show Me                                             –                              Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown

4.            Fancy                                                    –                              Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

5.            Na Na                                                    –                              Trey Songz

6              Loyal                                                      -                              Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne

7.            Happy                                                   -                              Pharrell Williams

8.            Dark Horse                                          –                              Katy Perry feat. Juicy J

9.            Partition                                               -                              Beyonce

10.          Summer                                               -                              Calvin Harris



Top 10 Most Requested Wedding Songs over the last year:

1.            Journey                                                -                              Don’t Stop Believin’

2.            Cupid                                                    -                              Cupid Shuffle

3.            Black Eyed Peas                                -                              I Gotta Feeling

4.            Bon Jovi                                               -                              Livin’ On A Prayer

5.            AC/DC                                                   -                              You Shook Me All Night Long

6.            Lmfao                                                   -                              Sexy And I Know It

7.            Van Morrison                                    -                              Brown Eyed Girl

8.            DJ Casper                                            -                              Cha Cha Slide

9.            V.I.C.                                                     -                              Wobble

10.          B-52′s                                                    -                              Love Shack



Winners  - Billboard Music Awards 2014:

1.            Top Artist                                            –                              Justin Timberlake

2.            Top New Artist                                 –                              Lorde

3.            Top Male Artist                                 -                              Justin Timberlake

4.            Top Female Artist                            -                              Katy Perry

5.            Top Duo/Group                                -                              Imagine Dragons

6.            Top Touring Artist                            -                              Bon Jovi

7.            Top R&B Artist                                   -                              Justin Timberlake

8.            Top Rap Artist                                    -                              Eminem

9.            Top Country Artist                           -                              Luke Bryan

10.          Top Rock Artist                                  -                              Imagine Dragons

11.          Top Latin Artist                                  -                              Marc Anthony

12.          Top Dance/Electronic Artist         -                              Daft Punk

13.          Top Christian Artist                          -                              Chris Tomlin


What Will the Summer Anthem of 2014 Be?

With summer arriving we at Elite begin to ask ourselves the question that every DJ should be asking this time of year: What song will be the Summer Anthem of 2014? To be sure, every summer has one. The song that will stamp itself in our collective memory and become the sound that reminds everyone, for ever and always of that one particular summer.
summerLast year, despite a brave fight by Daft Punk with “Get Lucky” Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” won the day (feel free to click on that link, it’s the PG version of the video).  vTen years from now when you hear that song you’ll harken back (hopefully with good memories) to the summer of 2013. The same goes for Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO which will always bring us back to the summer of 2011. And if you wanna go back even further, we’re sure you’ll recall the great Summer Anthem from 2002, Nelly’s “Hot in Herre“.  Or how about Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot which had us all singing “My anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hun” in the summer of 1992.
So here are the early contenders for the Summer Anthem of 2014. Let us know in the comment section of this blog what your prediction is.
  • “Sing” by Ed Sheeran. It’s upbeat and has a fun video to go along with it. Plus it’s written and produced by Pharrell who’s got the Midas Touch lately.
  • “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. It’s been a few years since a hip-hop song won the title of Summer Anthem but if any song can do it, it’s this “girl power” rap song.
  • “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. This one will be high up the charts all summer and we’ll certainly be playing it when we slow things down at most events but ballads rarely  take the title of Summer Anthem.
  • “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. This one peaked too early. While it definitely has legs and will be a popular dance floor filler all year, it’s hard for a song that was number one all winter to be consisted for Summer Anthem.
  • “Beachin” by Jake Owen.  Normally we wouldn’t even consider a mellow country song, but wow, this one has all the right elements: a Jimmy Buffet vibe, an ode to coronas and margaritas and a “Don’t Worry Be Happy” reference.
  • “Summer” by Calvin Harris. Could a song with the word “Summer” in the title be the next Summer Anthem?  After years of writing and producing for other arists, Haris wrote produced and sang on this track (like he did with his previous hit, “Feels So Close”)  This one is catchy enough to be a dancefloor mainstay all summer.
  • “Problem” by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea. Like an answer to Jay Z’s “99 Problems” 10 years later this dance song features a rap by Australian hip-hopper Iggy Azalea, meaning Azalea could be like Pharrell last summer, featured on two of the top summer’s hits.
  • “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic. Like almost everything OneRepublic releases this pop song has a solid beat and catchy enough lyrics to stay in the Top 40 for a while. Is it strong enough to be Summer Anthem material?  Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.
  • “Come Get It Bae” by Pharrell Williams featuring Miley Cyrus. What a perfect follow up to “Happy!”  Pharrell offers a stripped down song with a hand clap beat and a chicken scratch guitar. As we’ve said, this guy has the Midas Touch so we wouldn’t bet against him.
  • “Birthday” by Katy Perry. Katy Perry is no stranger to Summer Anthems. She’s given us “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008 and “California Girl” in 2010 and who doesn’t love a song that name checks birthdays (we all have one after all).
  • “Love Never Felt So Good” by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. This song has that throwback dance floor vibe all over it and if last summer taught us anything, that’s a pretty good formula for success.
  • “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo featuring Snoop Dogg.  Any song that honors women’s derrières, features a rap by Snoop Dogg and has whistling in it is alright by us.
Whichever of these songs rules the airwaves and rocks the dance floors this summer, one thing’s for sure: There are some great new songs out this year.  So make your selection in the comments section and then check back in September to see if your prediction was good.  What Will the Summer Anthem of 2014 Be?

May 2014 Playlist by Marshall Moore

Top 10 Current Hits for May 2014:

1.      Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown       –               Show Me
2.      Lil Jon & DJ Snake              -               Turn Down For What
3.      Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz     –               Talk Dirty
4.      Beyonce feat. Jay Z             –               Drunk In Love
5.      Katy Perry feat. Juicy J                -               Dark Horse
6       Pharrell Williams               –               Happy
7.      Martin Garrix                   –               Animals
8.      Beyonce                 –               Partition
9.      Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne     –               Loyal
10.     Trey Songz                      -               Na Na

Top 10 Most Requested Wedding Songs over the last year:

1.      Don’t Stop Believin’            -               Journey
2.      Cupid Shuffle                   –               Cupid
3.      I Gotta Feeling                 –               Black Eyed Peas
4.      Livin’ On A Prayer              -               Bon Jovi
5.      You Shook Me All Night Long     –               AC/DC
6.      Sexy And I Know It              -               Lmfao
7.      Brown Eyed Girl         –               Van Morrison
8.      Cha Cha Slide                   –               DJ Casper
9.      Love Shack                      -               B-52’s
10.     Gangnam Style                   –               Psy

Melinda & Ish – Crystal Point – 4/19/14

I had the opportunity to work with a great couple this past Saturday! They were so in love and so into there wedding, well maybe the groom was a little more involved for once. Melinda and I actually started calling him Groomzilla, but that was far from the truth. Ish just wanted to have a great time with his friend and family on his wedding day. And let me tell you we had a ton of fun! We played everything from Frank to Marc Anthony to Pitbull to John Legend. Ish and Melinda choreographed their first dance and I made an edit of that for them, plus they utilized our plasma screens and lighting. We had Intelligent Lighting to spotlight dances and the other important moments, plus add some color and energy to the room. They had two HD screens for multi-media visuals and a pre-made montage which I produced and included below. Michael from Contemporary Image captured the day and I have included some of his images below as well.


IMG_1149 IMG_1111 IMG_1073 IMG_1008 IMG_0875IMG_9952

Justin Timberlake…Worth the Wait!

photo-7Director of Sales for Elite Entertainment, Dominic Sestito gave a seminar at last August’s DJ Convention in Atlantic City and was quoted as saying “Justin Timberlake, when it’s all said and done is going to be the greatest performer of our time”. I hadn’t given the man much thought outside of the occasions when I would be playing his songs at events I was DJ’ing. But when Dominic said this, it piqued my interest in seeing him. Some three months later, as I began to plan extensively for Valentine’s day with my girlfriend, Megan. I looked to see where Justin Timberlake would be performing (She’s a big JT Fan, so the two went hand in hand.) Ironically enough, Justin Timberlake was scheduled to perform in Madison Square Garden on the 19th and 20th of February, the WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY following Valentine’s Day, which fell on a Friday this year. I also booked Wicked Tickets for Megan and I as a Christmas present. I worked it out that Wednesday the 19th we would see Justin Timberlake, and Wicked on Thursday. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans…

After my own negligence took hold, realizing I left all the tickets to our events at home once we had arrive in the Big Apple, I had to bite the bullet, and leave Megan in the City, travel an hour back and forth to get the tickets and return. On the train ride back, I called the Garden to ensure everything was still running smoothly, only to discover that Justin Timberlake had CANCELLED for that night, due to illness, and moved his show to Friday in the Garden. My heart nearly leapt into my throat, and scrambled to inform Megan and shuffle our plans. Some financial hardships, a few long phone calls, and few glasses of liquid encouragement later and I felt a little more relaxed, knowing now that my plan was not entirely destroyed, but rather altered.

2014-02-21 22.42.38Fast Forward to Friday night, with residual amazement still occupying residence in my mind from Wicked on Broadway with Megan the night before, we filed into the Garden with 10 thousand other fans, all with the same thought on their mind: “This better be one hell of a show, I went through a lot just to come back tonight”. Around 9 PM the lights dropped, violins hit, and he began his performance, starting with Pusher Love Girl. If you’re not familiar with Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Album, it’s an incredible compilation of music and entertainment. During the breakdown of this song, He stopped the entire show, shut the lights off, and had a spotlight put onto him….And he knew just what to say:
“What’s up New York City?!………………………..Let’s get one thing straight…………………I owe all of you for wednesday”

Pandemonium ensued.

Now…..I’ve been in Yankee Stadium for Red Sox vs. Yankee playoff games that were loud. I’ve been in Giants Stadium for championship games. I’ve even been in the Garden for the final Big East Tournament in 2013. And Not a single one of those crowds compared to the deafening roar when Justin basically apologized. He was a consummate professional. Totally humble. And yet, in spite of what had happened, all was forgotten. With covers of Frank Sinatra’s New York New York, Jungle Boogie, Poison and Heartbreak Hotel, he blew me and Megan away. Dancing on the bars of the VIP lounge, literally lifting and moving his entire stage across the arena, and an encore of Sexyback and Mirrors, Justin Timberlake was, as the title states it, Worth the Wait.

April 2014 Podcast Mixed Live By Dominic Sestito

Many clients and friends over the years have told me to record my sets and put them up for everyone. So I decided the first of the month I will search the billboard 100 find some popular songs (even if I don’t like them) and dig up so kool mixes so you can practice your sweet dance moves.

The Five W’s 4/12/14


                Omar & Jennifer


                Wedding Ceremony & Reception


                Doubletree Hotel in Tinton Falls


                Saturday, April 12, 2014


                Why I loved DJing this Wedding……


Jennifer and Omar were a lot of fun to work with, they were so excited about having good music and getting to dance and party with their friends and family.  From the first dance song to the last they were on the dance floor having the time of their lives… We had a great variety of music also, including Salsa, Merengue, Hip-Hop, Top 40, Commercial House, Crooners, and Disco…

My favorite moment had to be the last song “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore, when they were in the middle of a circle with all of their guests (there were a lot of guests at the end, and an after party at Aqua Bar right after) and they were dancing with everyone in the circle just loving it trying to dance with each and every person before the song was over…

Marshall Moore’s Pick’s March 2014

“Top 10 and Music” lists…
Look for updates to these as well as some other fun music information in
future Newsletters…

Top 10 Current Hits for March 2014:

1.      Dark Horse                 –               Katy Perry
2.      Counting Stars          -               Onerepublic
3.      Timber                        -               Pitbull
4.      Burn                            -               Ellie Goulding
5.      Story Of My Life       –               OneDirection
6       Lorde                          -               Team
7.      Say Something          -               A Great Big World
8.      Let Her Go                 –               Passenger
9.      Pompeii                      -               Bastille
10.     Talk Dirty                  -               Jason Derulo

Top 10 Most Requested Wedding Songs over the last year:

1.      Don’t Stop Believin’         –               Journey
2.      Cupid Shuffle                   –               Cupid
3.      I Gotta Feeling                 –               Black Eyed Peas
4.      Sexy And I Know It         –               Lmfao
5.      Livin’ On A Prayer           –               Bon Jovi
6.     Shook Me All Night Long     –         AC/DC
7.      Brown Eyed Girl              -               Van Morrison
8.      Gangnam Style                -               Psy
9.      Cha Cha Slide                  -               DJ Casper
10.     Sweet Caroline               –               Neil Diamond

New Albums For March:

Imogen Heap                             –               Sparks
Pharrell Williams                      -               G I R L
Ashanti                                        -               BraveHeart
Kylie Minogue                            -               Kiss Me Once
Enrique Iglesias                         –               Sex + Love
Foster the People                       –               Supermodel
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga      -               Cheek to Cheek
Shakira                                         –               Shakira
Azealia Banks                              -               Broke with Expensive Taste
Kid Cudi                                       –               Satellite Flight

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